Captain Jack Gnome Sparrow Gnome Simmons Gnome Simmons Detail Gnome Simmons Detail Click thumbnail to enlarge Goth Gnome Guy Goth Gnome Girl Goth Gnome Girl Detail Lil’ Miss Gnomer  Gnomes.... a diminutive spirit, a gaurdian of nature and a distinctive piece in gardens world wide. Lil’ Miss Gnomer celebrates the history of Gnomes with larger than life personality by imbuing each Gnome with a popular or Iconic appearance while maintaining Gnomelike qualities. Each Gnome is a hand painted ceramic original. Custom Gnomes depicting celebrities, family members or portraits are also available.   The “Gnomenclayture” of these unique pieces are titles like Darth Gnomer, Spider Gnome, The Rolling Gnomes, Count Gnomula, and Captain Jack Gnome Sparrow.